Base environment creation

Deployment: self-hosting
EaaSI Version: v2021.10

Description: Hi Eaasi team. Trying to deploy new self-hosted EaaSi installation from scratch. Searching for description, how to create base environment using eaasi_ui.
Do you have any web page describing how to create base environment. Provide URL, please!

Thanks in advance.

Hello @cosmocz - yes, my apologies for a slightly slow response, this documentation for self-hosted installations to make environments from scratch, rather than fetching pre-configured environments from a network, was missing.

I have added a page to the Handbook with instructions, which will hopefully be helpful - the “create a new base environment” workflow has not yet been properly added to the EaaSI UI (it is on the roadmap for the next major release) but is available as a work-around by accessing the Demo UI, please see:

Let me know if you need any further assistance!

Hi and thanks for manual. Best regards.

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