EaaSI Development Roadmap

The following represents our current roadmap for development of the EaaSI system and services:

Q3 2021

  • Updates to the self-deployed edition of the EaaSI service to align it with the cloud-hosted edition
  • Incorporate updated EaaS emulator management system
  • Improvements to permissions management and resource “ownership” as a further step towards a full multi-user / multi-tenant system

Q4 2021

  • End user access via a shared direct link to environments enabling researchers to view and interact with emulated software and content
  • Updates to the emulation project to incorporate advanced configuration functionality for existing images and operating system installation
  • Rework import of object and image files, support integration of large collections
  • Update the open source software sandbox enabling public to feature the current UI

Q1 2022

  • New User Interface (UI) for the configuration of emulated computer networks
  • Initial integration of mobile emulators, configuration and interaction workflow for Android systems
  • Mechanisms for import, capture, and display of object photographs and environment screenshots

Q2 2022

  • Resource ranking/rating, user comments, and keyword tagging
  • Implementation of an expanded metadata model to improve search/discovery, documentation, and automation