AIA Hardware Collection Available

In the past, the AIA (American Institute of Architects) collected software and hardware for review on behalf of its membership. These materials made their way into the AIA Archives and the software (a treasure trove of early CAD, design, and productivity applications) was subsequently given to CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture) for imaging and preservation. We have been working with CCA to get a copy of the AIA software collection to configure and include in the EaaSI network.

Nancy Hadley, the Director of AIA Archives, recently reached out to see if Yale or anyone else would be interested in acquiring the hardware from this collection. They have to find a new home for these items before the end of the year due to new construction. Unfortunately, we are not able to take in these items, but I thought Iā€™d see if anyone here on the forum was interested or knew of another organization that may be interested in acquiring these materials. An inventory is attached here:

Hardware from appraisal file.xlsx (12.7 KB)

If you have any ideas, please comment below or reach out to me at Help these monitors, printers, tablets, etc. find a new home!


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