Cert and Interface Issues with EaaSI Node

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Howdy, Happy New Year! I’m working on getting the EaaSI node up over our break and I’m running into some errors. While I have the interface available, I’m getting a lot of interface errors that show up in the Firefox console as:

Received non-200 response from HttpService:

ReadableStream { locked: true }


    _handleBadResponse BaseHttpService.ts:218

    u tslib.es6.js:99

    c tslib.es6.js:80

    c tslib.es6.js:73

    c tslib.es6.js:69

    _handleBadResponse app.0fb625f9.js:1

    _makeRequest BaseHttpService.ts:143

    u tslib.es6.js:99

    c tslib.es6.js:80

a tslib.es6.js:70

Additionally, I’ve attached an error that appears whenever I try to click on the “Emulator Project” tab. I think there may still be a cert issue but I don’t know enough about that at this point to communicate with our IT. The log error displayed is attached. Please let me know if there are other log files I should be looking at.



EaaSI_Error_Trace_20200104.rtf (20.3 KB)

Thanks for reporting @ekaltman! I’ll ask Andrii to take a look at these errors and logs as soon as possible. Could you please post or confirm your eaasi.yaml configuration? Particularly the host, docker, eaas and portal (git_branch) configuration?

  build_dir: "/eaasi/build"
  eaas_home: "/eaasi/"

  image: "eaas/eaas-appserver:eaasi-release-2019-11"
  network_name: "eaasi"

  # to enable SSL with custom certificate,
  # uncomment the following lines...
    enabled: true
    certificate: "./artifacts/ssl/eaasi_csuci_edu_cert.crt"
    private_key: "./artifacts/ssl/private.key"

  git_branch: "eaasi-release-2019.11"
    user: "eaasi"
    password: "demo"

  git_branch: "eaasi-release-2019.11"
  enable_oaipmh_provider: true

  git_branch: "eaasi-release-2020.03"
  db_update: true

  # Authorization / authentication settings (SAML, JWT)

    # mailer settings, required to use the default auth method
      port: 25
      host: "smtp.csuci.edu"
      sender: "eaasi@csuci.edu"

    name: "CSUCI"

  # Data Seed location for initial configured user.
  # This must be configured to install the UI
    # NOTE: email must match that registered with your identity provider!
    email: "eric.kaltman@csuci.edu"
    username: "admin"
    first_name: "Eric"
    last_name: "Kaltman"
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@ekaltman Could you also include an additional log file that could be found on the target machine in the directory <EAASI_PROJECT_DIR>/log/server.log

server.log (168.2 KB)

@ekaltman, sorry for a delayed answer, we had some local holidays here.

The logs you have posted suggest, that it might be an issue with your current certificate. Generally, it should be a full-chain certificate to work correctly, else its verification might fail at different places leading to several errors.

Thanks! We actually put the full cert chain in on Friday afternoon and that appeared to fix the issue. I should have updated this thread then but it was at the end of the work day. I’m going to be running more tests this week to try and import some environments. Thanks for taking a look at the logs regardless, I’ll update again here if the issue persists.