EaaSI September Resource Highlight: "Exploring our Emulation Environment"

Re-link from @jmeyerson’s email blast

Dear Colleagues,

We hope that this message finds you healthy, safe, and finding ways each week (big and small) to be kind to yourself.

The EaaSI team is excited to kickoff our Resource Highlight series!

Resource Highlights are monthly opportunities for the EaaSI team to share our work more broadly. Resources range from staff blog posts that connect software curation and emulation to current events to capacity building templates that provide structured activities for digital curation practitioners to reports from our EaaSI partner organizations on their own emulation explorations.

Our Resource Highlight for September is an activity called “Exploring our Emulation Environment.”

Just like a behavioral biologist venturing into a nearby forest to explore, observe, and describe the family structures of squirrel families > or just like humanists use close and distant forms of reading to unearth insights that enable new interpretations of a text….this exercise asks practitioners to put on their observational goggles and give close examination to the creator and curatorial decisions inscribed at each layer of our emulation environment.

The “Exploring our Emulation Environment” capacity building template includes a clear set of objectives, a list of any requirements of supplies, instructions on how to organize the activity (for a larger or smaller group), and the actual worksheet where group discussion about the environment(s) can be documented.

View and Download the capacity building template here: http://bit.ly/eaasi-explore-environment