EaaSI Training Module on "Emulation, Virtualization, Containerization"

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We hope this message finds you healthy and in good spirits!

The EaaSI team is excited to release our fourth Training Module: “Emulation, Virtualization, Containerization.”

Every three months, a new training module supplements and expands on important concepts mentioned in the EaaSI User Handbook, opening the design and functionality of the platform to wider feedback, comment, and discussion.

The “Emulation, Virtualization, Containerization" training module covers:

  • Difference between emulation, virtualization, and containerization
  • Digital preservation implications of these three strategies; and
  • How, why, and when does the EaaSI platform make use of each

View and download the “The Emulation, Virtualization, Containerization" Training Module https://bit.ly/eaasi-training-module-4

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