Installing EaaS Free-Standing on external hard drive


Is it possible to make a Ubuntu 18.04 bootable hard drive, install EaaS on it, configure environments, then ship this drive to other people so they can use the EaaS?


Hi @cyn0matic,

My best guess is that what you describe would be possible, but may be more elaborate than necessary.

The Try EaaSI instructions in the Handbook provide steps for creating a free-standing demo EaaSI install from provided Docker images that can just run straight out of a directory. This is highly portable and makes it unnecessary to do a full Ubuntu install and deployment: if you download and extract the “EaaSI_Demo_v1_Lite.tar.gz” file in those instructions straight to a USB stick, you can run the whole thing from the USB and load it up with whatever configured environments you want other folks to try. Then just clone or copy that USB out as many times as you’d like, and provide them with the Try EaaSI instructions as well, so they have the necessary Docker commands.

(We did this with the promotional “EaaSI USBs” that made the conference rounds a couple years ago. And if I recall @ecochrane even ran an entire workshop in NZ using this method instead of an online EaaSI sandbox.)

Potential drawbacks/pitfalls would be:

  1. The person you’re sending the USB to would need to be able to install and run Docker on their machine. That basically assumes admin privileges, I don’t know if you can make that assumption with your audience.
  2. If I recall correctly, the demo Docker images linked from that page were created roughly in summer 2019. So you’d have to go a bit backwards in time in terms of using EaaSI/EaaS. I’m not sure if that would break compatibility with any of the environments you’re looking to send folks.

Adding to this. Here are the slides I used for the workshop at the National Library of New Zealand:

And the direct link for posterity:
Wayback Machine

Hope they help!

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