Introducing Qiwi - a quick launcher for QEMU

Greetings! I realize I have never plugged this project on the Community Forum, but an FYI folks that I have started a project called Qiwi - a quick graphical launcher for QEMU.

I’ve tried to introduce many people to QEMU since it is the primary x86 PC emulator for EaaSI, so getting to know its functionality can often help with EaaSI environment configuration. It also just generally has better + broader backwards-compatibility and emulation options than other, similar apps in the desktop emulation/virtualization space (VirtualBox, VMWare, DOSBox etc), but the command line can be intimidating to folks and QEMU’s particular settings are also often kind of inscrutable. I’ve never been able to find a GUI option for QEMU that’s 1) cross-platform, 2) emulation-focused, AND 3) pre-built, so I decided to just try making one myself (using Python and the Gooey module).

Please feel free to give it a try! And leave any feedback here or in my GitLab repo. I’m obviously most interested in making sure this fits the need of archivists, and encourages takeup of QEMU/emulation in archival assessment and access workflows. I’ve just recently pushed a new release that accounts for PowerPC emulation (for your Mac OS 9 needs) and attaching a USB tablet device for better/more accurate input on compatible guests: