Is EaaS still in development?

Is the free-standing EaaS going to continue to be updated? Or has all development moved to EaaSI?


Hey @Cynde_Moya, just to check that I understand the question, by “free-standing EaaS” you mean an EaaS server without the EaaSI UI configured or enabled (primarily interacted with via the Demo UI instead?) If so, the answer is yes, my understanding is the core EaaS server application and the Demo UI front-end will continue to be updated, at the least to align with work intended for EaaSI deployments or to allow for further experimental or R&D efforts with the EaaS framework (that are not specifically supported by EaaSI).

We know we need to get clearer on the EaaSI development roadmap moving forward, and Wendy, Oleg, Rafael, Claire and myself have been putting a bunch of work into that the last couple of months, which we hope to share more of publicly soon. Part of the difficulty is that development’s closely tied to post-grant plans for program funding and service planning, and we’re likewise not yet at a point where we can confirm those details (for you, the community, or ourselves!!) We can discuss more in detail where we’re at with you and Melanie when we talk in a couple weeks.

But I think the thing I want to emphasize here is that it is absolutely not the intention to put EaaS + EaaSI development in opposition. EaaSI remains dependent on the former and much of the development effort the last two years (and part of why it has taken that amount of time to put out a new release, but I’m happy to say we’re now actively testing/QC-ing the release from the user side, so we’re very close!) has been to better align all EaaS servers (whether they are an “EaaSI server” - intended to be used via the EaaSI UI, with a particular, supported server configuration - or not) and make sure features and workflows we’ve designed in the U.S. EaaSI program do not splinter off into some completely separate branch of development and maintenance from the core EaaS server application.

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