Login Invalid credentials

Hello I have a problem with the first authentication.

When i try the default password eaasidemo1 i have invalid credentials.
I have made multiple prepare.sh --local-mode and deploy.sh
I have failed the copy of the generated SSH public key to the installation target machine :slight_smile: $ ssh-copy-id -i ./artifacts/ssh/admin.key user@hostname
but the copy of ssh-keygen and ssh connection is ok

here my config/eaasi.yaml
name: “myorg”
# Data Seed location for initial configured user.*
# This must be configured to install the UI*
# NOTE: email must match that registered with your identity provider!
email: “admin@myorg.fr
username: “admin”
first_name: “First”
last_name: “Last”
And where or when i define my identity provider? and what is the BECOME password?

Have a good day.


Deployment: I am in local mode for testing on ubuntu 18.04. Ansible is configured and ping is ok for

EaaSI Version
ui, eaas : eaasi-release-2019.11, portal: eaasi-release-2020.03

Firefox 85.0.1

Urgency: : it’s for testing the product.

Hello @jeremy - thank you for reporting!

Although local-mode deployment was added to the eaasi-installer, it was not tested and is not supported with the Portal eaasi-release-2020.03 UI components. We are planning improvements to the installer for an upcoming, new release in March, which may change that and improve the local-mode deployment to support the EaaSI UI. But right now, if you are looking to test that interface, I highly encourage you to use a remote machine and otherwise follow the EaaSI deployment instructions without the --local-mode options.

Otherwise, you should be able to test the demo UI (the interface used with the EaaSI platform prior to our 2020.03 release, used by OpenSLX for their various EaaS flavors) locally by commenting out the portal configuration options from the eaasi.yaml and then using the --local-mode prepare.sh and deploy.sh scripts as instructed in the eaasi-installer repository.

We will try to clarify these supported and unsupported deployment configurations in the installer README moving forward. Thank you!

Thanks for your answer.

I wait for the news version.