RELEASE: EaaSI Training Module on "Emulation Environments"

Re-post from @jmeyerson’s email blast

Dear Colleagues,

We hope this email finds you healthy, safe, and enjoying your week so far!

Today, the EaaSI team is pleased to introduce our new Training Module Series !

Phase 2 of the EaaSI program of work (July 2020 - June 2022) will include a series of Training Modules, with one new Module to be released approximately every three months (a total of eight by the conclusion of Phase 2). These Training Modules are intended to supplement and expand on concepts alluded to in the EaaSI User Handbook, opening the design and functionality of the platform to wider feedback, comment, and discussion. Though particular features and elements of interface design may change between releases of the EaaSI platform, these Modules should remain consistent in elaborating on our infrastructure.

We’re kicking off the Training Module Series with “Emulation Environments.”

View and download the training module here:

During this module, participants will learn about:

  • Why does the EaaSI team refer to emulation and computing “environments”?
  • What is an EaaSI “Environment” resource?
  • What sort of details do we need to describe and maintain environments?

The “Emulation Environments” Training Module pairs nicely with our EaaSI September Resource Highlight “Exploring our Emulation Environment”