Release schedule for updated EaaSI software

Hi everyone, Is there an updated EaaSI release schedule? An update would be really helpful as we map out our work into summer. thank you!

Hi Michael,

We plan to release the hosted edition of EaaSI in the first week of May. Testing introduced a number of critical bugs that needed to be addressed before opening it up to the pilot. At this time, there won’t be an update to the local edition, for those nodes that use their own infrastructure. I’m hoping we will have that ready by the end of May or in June.

From there, we plan to provide more frequent updates to the code base. For hosted users, these will be implemented on their behalf by OpenSLX.

In the local edition, a new update process will be provided through the UI. Admins will be able to implement new features on the frontend without having to completely reinstall the application. We hope this will eliminate the need for much IT intervention.


Hi Seth, Thank you for the update and no worries.