"Share to EaaSI Forum" bookmarklet

Hello everyone! Just FYI, below is a JS snippet that, if saved as a bookmark in your browser (should be cross-compatible with Chrome and derivates, Firefox, Safari), will read the URL of the page you’re currently on and automatically navigate straight here to the EaaSI Forum and open the “compose new topic” editor. The new topic title will be automatically pre-filled with the selected URL, which Discourse in turn should automatically onebox/prettify (if the target site plays nice)

Handy for treating the EaaSI Community Forum as a “link aggregator”, if you want to quickly share emulation/software/digipres-related news or articles with the EaaSI/AusEaaSI communities for discussion!

Just copy-paste the following into the “URL” field when adding a new bookmark:


Things to note:

  1. you will have to be logged in to the EaaSI Community Forum to post (no anonymous posting)
  2. this snippet is set to post the new link/topic by default here to the “Emulation and Tech News” category of the EaaSI Community Forum, which seems the most appropriate; you can always change the category/location in the Discourse editor before submitting the post, but if you’d like to modify this default behavior and pick the category every time you make a new post, just remove the +'&category=general-emulation' string from the end of the bookmarklet