About the Software Help section

Resources, tips, assistance and requests for legacy software applications

In attempting to configure and use legacy software in emulation, there are often questions regarding how to use applications and versions of software that are no longer in support from their makers (whether that’s an older Microsoft or Adobe product or a more obscure and unique program).

This is a space for EaaSI community members to discuss and seek help from each other with such problems! Please feel free also to post helpful links, resources, tips, or requests for software needed to address your born-digital collection materials.

Note: We do not directly host software or encourage the exchange of proprietary applications via this forum. Use this as a space for communication and coordination for exchange via the EaaSI platform or another option for controlled sharing.

EaaSI support staff will monitor and offer assistance for requests and tips in The Software Center where able, but cannot guarantee a prompt response or solution. See the EaaSI Support Guide