C compiler (and windows.h)?

Hi, all.

I’m trying to compile an ancient C program (circa early 1990s) and it requires the windows.h file. Any leads for me on where to look? I’ve already tried installing Borland Turbo C 2.01 to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

hi @dianne.dietrich! hmm, is it just that Turbo C 2.01 was too early a release to include Windows headers? I can check if Yale has any relevant holdings that we could share into the hosted EaaSI service, but I wonder if just a Turbo C++ or something a little later and more explicitly for Windows 3.x is needed

we had a few titles in the queue at Yale, I bumped them up for configuration:

  • Borland Turbo C++ for Windows 4.5 (1995)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52 (for 16-bit DOS and Windows 3.1 1996)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Standard Edition (for 32-bit, Windows 9x, 1996)

Given the timeline, seems like hopefully one of the first two at least should have a compatible windows.h? I’ll ping you when they are available in the hosted nodes

@ethan.gates – wow, thank you for finding those! I really appreciate it. I think the Microsoft Visual C++ editions might be what I need. (I did some more investigation and asked some other folks yesterday, too.) Whenever they are ready, just let me know. There’s no rush on this particular use case of mine.