EaaSI Development Update - January 2023

Development work has picked up after the holiday season and we continue to move toward a new tagged release of EaaSI that will include a number of both front-facing and improved back-end implementation changes, including: completely S3-compatible image and object storage, full reconciliation of resource ownership and permissions between front- and back-ends, a number of improvements to computing resource management, and an “Advanced” mode for the Emulation Project interface in the EaaSI UI to allow dynamic object-to-drive assignment. Efforts also continue in parallel to upgrade Yale’s EaaSI node from v2019.11 to the current codebase, making sure that it remains a functional source for Public Environments for other up-to-date nodes in the network.

  • Recent work accomplished (December 2022 - January 2023)

    • debugged regressions following fix for reported issue (see last month’s update) with low-resourced EaaSI deployments running out of socket descriptors
    • completed migration of object archive resource ownership information from front-end to back-end, completing process of making all storage/archives Keycloak and S3-compatible
    • completed back-end adjustments necessary to enable planned “Advanced” mode of Emulation Project interface in the EaaSI UI (allowing dynamic object/image-to-emulated-drive assignment)
    • adjusted eaasi-installer to allow configuring remote S3-compatible cloud providers for object storage (removed MinIO as intermediary for making calls to remove providers; MinIO is now only employed for making S3-like API calls to local storage)
    • debugged reported issues with Handle service failure (only relevant to EaaSI/EaaS installations v2019.11 or earlier; Handle service temporarily restored as a work-around to allow time for necessary upgrades/migrations but will be sunsetted in November 2023, breaking the ability to publish Environments on EaaSI installations v2019.11 or earlier)
    • debugged back-end pathways where “revision” and “derivative” terminology are occasionally intermixed, leading to observed behavior where publishing an Environment that was itself derived from an already-Public Environment can cause the ‘original’ published Environment to disappear from the UI (either EaaSI UI or Demo UI); recommended work-arounds and/or fix forthcoming
  • Forum tickets/bugs resolved

  • Expected work (January - February 2023)

    • implement UI elements and test “Advanced” mode of EaaSI UI Emulation Project interface
    • continue inspection and planning for migration of Yale’s production node of EaaSI from v2019.11 to current supported codebase
    • complete and merge fixes for regressions following socket descriptor leakage fix