EaaSI Development Update - September 2022

EaaSI’s current ad hoc dev planning group (Seth Anderson, Euan Cochrane, Claire Fox, Ethan Gates, Oleg Stobbe) are continuing an ongoing series of meetings dedicated to defining the EaaSI platform’s “minimum viable” state for service launch (at the end of Phase 3 of grant funding, approximately mid-2024) and necessary feature development and/or stabilization to reach that state.

This critical conversation has stretched from the summer into the fall to ensure availability and input from all necessary team members; progress can be tracked publicly in our new EaaSI “Request for Comment” repository, where Seth and Ethan summarize desired state and (if necessary) new features in the form of actionable proposals for the dev team to follow and convert into specific tickets and edits to the code base.

  • Dev planning summary

    • Conversations and RFC proposals have been drafted regarding:
      • EaaSI’s data model
      • Resource import workflows
      • Environment configuration (Emulation Project) workflows
      • Search and discovery features
      • Access control and permissions
      • Node/network management
      • Resource deletion/removal
  • Recent work accomplished (August-September 2022)

    • Merged back-end changes necessary for precise resource-to-drive configuration for an “advanced” mode of the Emulation Project workflow (including importing disk images from pre-existing virtual machines and/or imaged system drives)
    • Debugged timeout issues with accessing data on external S3 storage
    • Debugged timeout issues with XPRA video output delivery using environment images stored on external S3 storage
    • Debugged issues with importing emulator images in S3-compatible image storage
    • Added support for deploying a single Keycloak instance across multiple cloud computing clusters (for making use of multiple data centers/geographic locations within a single deployment/instance of EaaSI while maintaining unified access controls and permissions metadata)
    • Debugged JavaScript issue with embedding EaaSI environments when the selected environment ID is run from an older (pre-2021.10) version of EaaSI
  • Tickets/bugs resolved

    • n/a
  • Expected work (September-October 2022)

    • Dev planning conversations regarding “minimum viable” platform for service launch are scheduled for:
      • Review of grant deliverables + status (Phases 2 + 3)
    • Dev roadmap:
      • Merge front-end/UI changes related to “advanced” Emulation Project workflow
      • Perform round of user-facing quality control and bug fixes related to Emulation Project updates and S3 storage improvements
      • Update eaasi-installer and tag a new EaaSI platform release
      • Update hosted service (hosted.eaasi.cloud) with new platform release
    • Bugs/tickets to resolve: