AusEaaSI SheepShaver MacOS9.0.4 environments not saving state

Deployment: *Self-hosted EaaS, BUILD: F0B545A530; UI-BUILD: C698468C37
AusEaaSI Hosted Node :
EaaSI Version: *2021.10
Browser: *Chrome

**Description: SheepShaver environment in AusEaaSI does not retain the state. I.e., copying a CD-ROM to the emulated hard drive does not stick, configuring QuickTime does not stick, etc. Instead, upon restarting the environment, it begins again with just the CD-ROM in the emulated hard drive, with none of the work saved. This is after shutting down properly, using Special>Shut Down and saving the environment.

SheepShaver environments in a free-standing EaaS I have been using for a while (build info above) do preserve the states. I.e., copying CD to hard drive, changing QuickTime versions, etc. This is necessary for some of the CD-ROM media artworks we are working with.

Are you able to reproduce the issue or did it happen once? What steps can you take to repeat the issue? What did you expect to occur and what was the actual outcome?

This issue reproduces.

Urgency: If possible, please give an indication of how urgently the issue needs to be addressed - is there a timeline or deadline (e.g. upcoming demo, researcher request, etc.) that EaaSI support staff should be aware of?

I don’t have any particular deadline, but Media Arts collecting institutions we are working with around Australia are soon going to be configuring their own environments, and will be confused by this lack of functionality.

Thank you!

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