Issue saving emulated environment with attached software

Deployment: Are you using the hosted EaaSI service, or a local node? Hosted Eaasi (Stanford)

EaaSI Version: 2021.10
Browser: Firefox Version 96.0 (64-bit)


I’ve been unable to save emulated environments with software attached . I am wanting to attach a software to an environment and save it as new. I am able to save it, but when I relaunch the environment, the software is not present.

*Are you able to reproduce the issue or did it happen once? I have been able to reproduce the issue multiple times

Urgency: Its not super urgent but would greatly appreciate any feedback when you can.

Hi @maj_84! My apologies for any uncertainty in the documentation, but this the expected behavior for Software resources.

The general assumption is that Software resources are installation media and their useful contents will be copied over to an Environment’s virtual drive (by running an installer, or manually copying to the operating system drive if necessary) - in the newly saved environment, the system drive persists (with the new software/data included) but the original Software resource media is cleared from the removable media drives. Again, the workflow assumption is that the installed software addresses a dependency in a Content resource, and so the removable media drives must be cleared in the saved environment in order to make space to subsequently attach a Content resource down the line.

(Content resources, on the other hand, should follow the behavior you originally expected: remaining attached in the subsequent, derivative environment when saved)

We know there are limitations to this approach, for instance that there are certain applications that require the original media to remain mounted on the system in order to run and address Content dependencies properly (which, yes, would require the corresponding EaaSI Software resource to remain attached). A goal with the EaaSI interface is to allow for more flexible drive assignment, so that you could e.g. keep both a Software and Content resource attached to an environment at the same time if necessary or desired. If this is the case with the particular program or resources you’re trying to work with, let me know and I can see if we can suggest a work-around!