Known Issues with the EaaSI Hosted Service

  • Usernames must be unique across tenancies in a single deployment of the hosted service

Namespaces should be unique within each organization/tenancy of the hosted service. This would allow, for instance, a single person/user to potentially be able to log in to multiple organizations. Update pending.

  • No UI/visible distinction between Environments and Content Environments

Content Environments (Environment resources with mounted + saved Content resources) should be more visibly distinct in the interface. (Content Environments can/should not be Published to the Network, so this distinction should be clear at a glance). Update pending.

  • Content and Software resources are private to user, not visible to other users in the same organization/tenancy

User-imported resources should at first be private and visible/useable only to themselves, then shareable (by choice) to other users within the same organization/tenancy, without publishing across nodes to the entire Network. Updates to enable this workflow pending.

  • Only the first file in multi-disk image Content objects are available in a corresponding Content Environment

The “Change Resource Media” dropdown feature should allow for switching between disk images in a multi-file Content resource in a saved Content Environment, but this is not currently the case. As a work-around, to achieve the same functionality as a Content Environment, add the desired Content and Content Environment to the Emulation Project menu and run an Emulation Access session (rather than selecting “Run” on a Content Environment). Single-disk image Content resources which includes “Files”-type resources, as they are packaged by EaaSI into a single ISO disk image) are not affected by this bug and will behave as expected in Content Environments.