EaaSI Training Module on "Emulating Closed Systems"

Dear colleagues,

I am excited to release the eighth, and for now, final (!!) in our series of EaaSI Training Modules, this time on “Emulating Closed Systems”.

During this module, participants will learn about:

  • What is a “closed system”, and how does it differ from an “open system”?
  • What’s a “ROM” file?
  • What factors limit the capabilities of open source emulators?

View and download the training module here: EaaSI Training Module #8: Beyond the PC – Emulating Closed Systems | Software Preservation Network (SPN)

This completes the full series of Training Modules promised for Phase 2 of the EaaSI grant. The series introduced important concepts in emulation and key features of the EaaSI platform, connecting EaaSI functionality to specific use cases and highlighting a range of implementation scenarios. Thanks to the community’s feedback on the survey I put out last fall, for the remainder of Phase 3 I will be pivoting resource and documentation creation to focus on improvements to the EaaSI User Handbook and step-by-step tutorials like this one, with the aim of expanding the community’s comfort with EaaSI and EaaS tooling!

Happy Friday!