Mac OS 9.2.1 doesn't start up with content attached

the environment Mac OS 9.21 starts up OK on its own. But when I make an emulation project, attaching a CD ROM iso uploaded as a content object, the emulator does not start up. Instead i see this.


@cyn0matic if you type

boot hd:,\\:tbxi

at the prompt, you should get that environment to start. I’m not totally sure what in the config is throwing it off when there’s a CD-ROM loaded (the boot order appears to be to check the hard disk first, I think) but I got the system to start up once I issued that OpenBIOS command.

I have tried typing that into the command line. And it doesn’t respond for me.
Do you have any other tips? This is a real showstopper. It didn’t happen before…

Huh! I just tried it again (I’m using the resource whose ID starts with 63eb…) and I got it to work. After I type in the command and press enter, it pauses for a few moments, then I get the message:

MacOS: unable to find a usable NVRAM partition - using offset 0x1400

But then it boots up. I’ll keep pondering…

Some of them are starting to come through, as I try different content. This is positive 8)

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