EaaSI Demo Lite and importing MacOS9

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Build: 4b4d29910860f5031683fd350fece7726b0c0606
UI Build: cb82b3d4b399d1ff155748bf4c0d743a062cd655
on Windows 10

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I downloaded and followed the instructions to install EaaSI_Demo_Lite on Windows 10. This seemed successful, and I have the familiar Legacy Interface.

Following the Special Considerations for Mac/Apple Environments, I then tried to install MacOS9 using the Generic Sheepshaver Template.

I used my own newworld86.rom image, and a MacOS9.raw image in the Import Environment workflow.

The gears spin, and then complete. But instead of a working emulator, I get a page that reads something like “The Emulator has stopped.”

Any tips for more success?

Hi @cyn0matic! I think the issue here is with the emulator version and template used. Since those EaaSI Demo releases were made, the EaaS team re-tinkered the way emulators are configured with environments, such that the emulator containers tagged “latest” are likely incompatible with the Demo Client/UI.

Please try to import an older Sheepshaver container from the GitLab registry and then try again - I would suggest one from 2019, e.g. the one tagged git-cddb8fc17fa16b422d8fa5e0136e0fccf5d8692f

Example emulator import config in the Demo Lite interface:

The goal should be to get a template on the Import and Create Environment menus called “Apple PPC (OS 8.x-9.x)”. Then repeat with the same ROM and image import steps you tried before.

The emulator templates labelled “Generic” - “Generic Sheepshaver Template”, “Generic QEMU x86 Template” are the newer templates and will not work. I will try to find appropriate place(s) in the Handbook to document this accordingly!