QEMU-based MacOS 9.2.1+ operating systems have no sound, audio not supported (reopened)

I have also still not yet had success with importing the ppc-screamer image @rafaelgieschke provided on existing installs running v2021.10 (hosted.eaasi.cloud) - I can give a try with the latest EaaSI code we are preparing for upcoming release and see if it fares any differently, which might at least give a clearer picture of what and how much work yet has to be done to incorporate the approach taken at Rhizome into EaaSI.

Particularly from Rafael’s prior guidance I am noting:

because from past experience testing EaaSI deployments it seems like proper WebRTC and Xpra configuration can be finicky and possibly even silently fail - @alex-ip can you confirm those options appear by all accounts to be succesfully enabled on the environments you are trying with the screamer build, or is there any indication something might be off with those settings?