Sync Environments via OAI-PMH Not Loading

Deployment: Self-hosted on VM
EaaSI Version: 2021.10
Browser: Chrome

Description: When I go to the admin dashboard at https://<your_eaasi_domainl>/admin, then to “Sync Environments via OAI-PMH,” I get a message that says “The EAAS Service is currently not ready. As soon as it becomes ready you can automatically resume.” See attached screenshot and log file.

We tried a manual restart (using $ sudo systemctl restart eaas) and it did not resolve the error. I am not having any issues accessing other areas of the admin dashboard.

Urgency: ASAP - this is a dependency for testing that needs to get done this week, if possible.

Update: Attached another system log with more error info.

server-essa-logdump.log (658.4 KB)

syslog-eaas-errors (1).txt (10.2 KB)

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 11.08.37 AM

Hi Hannah! Provided logs do not contain any serious errors that would explain the reported behavior. But, repeated attempts to hit backend’s endpoints with an expired token are logged.

Could you try to log out first, then log in again and try synchronizing afterwards?

Hi Oleg! Thanks for your reply. I just tried logging out, logging back in, and synchronizing, and I am getting the same information message.

Hm, let’s try to collect more detailed logs then. Please run the following commands in a terminal on your server:

$ sudo journalctl -u eaas > eaas-service.log
$ sudo docker ps > eaas-docker-containers.txt

Please send the above two files and the latest server log from <eaasi-install-dir>/log/server/server.log to me in a private message to avoid any information leaks here.

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