AusEaaSI internet enabled working on /admin view but not /dashboard view

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AusEaaSI node

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Google Chrome current

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I have a couple of configured environments with “Enable Networking” and “Enable Internet” ticked.

Windows 98 SE - 124G HDD + Protoweb
MacOS9.0.4 - BASE + protoweb

In these environments I have changed the browser so that the landing page and the proxy to point to the Protoweb pages. Protoweb and its tools preserve pages for viewing in vintage/90s browsers, computers, and emulators. and also work in these environments.

The internet and proxy work in these configurations when using the configured environments on the /admin side. However, neither the internet nor the proxy work on the /dashboard view.

Are you able to reproduce the issue or did it happen once? What steps can you take to repeat the issue? What did you expect to occur and what was the actual outcome?

I have tested this over several days, with the same result.

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This is part of an ongoing project and experimentation with no deadline.


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