My Admin account in AusEaaSI no longer allowing uploads of content or software

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AusEaaSI at

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Google Chrome latest

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Uploading a CD-ROM .iso or disk image .img file, uploader throws an error and does not allow upload.

AusEaaSI user: cynde , Admin user.

I have a second account, cynde-config, a configuration user. This account allows uploads. Other accounts I use also allow uploads of content and software. It is just the cynde acocunt. Not sure if, in looking at Keycloak, I changed a setting?

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Continues to be unable to upload content. Issue is reproducable.

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I have a lot of work on the cynde account that I would like to add to.

Hi @Cynde_Moya, I’m going to have to pass this one to @oooleg and OpenSLX to take a direct look, I’ve never seen an issue with uploads failing only in one user account before.

They’ll let you know if they need direct access to to investigate, but if you can download and provide the server log immediately after attempting an upload in the cynde account (Troubleshooting → Download server logs) that should hopefully at least provide a starting point.

Hi @Cynde_Moya!

According to the log all uploads of the past weeks were successful, but some of the uploaded objects had spaces in their filenames or labels. Unfortunately, such names are handled incorrectly by the deployed backend version and result in uploaded objects being unusable afterwards. This has been already fixed in latest backend version and will be part of the next release. The fixes also include post-processing of previously uploaded objects containing spaces in their filenames, so these should become usable afterwards again. As a workaround for now, please make sure to avoid spaces in filenames to be uploaded and replace them with dashes (-) for example.

Also, your cynde account is not correctly configured and I assume, that it was created manually in Keycloak which is not recommended. Currently, user accounts and organizations (groups) must be configured in some specific ways to work properly with EaaSI front- and backend. We are planning to rework user-management functionality in near future and hide all of the implementation details that are specific to our use of Keycloak behind a simple API. Please also keep in mind, that adding a user (unique username + email) to multiple orgs is currently not supported and should be avoided too. I have fixed configuration of your user account manually now, but please always use the official EaaSI-UI’s workflow for managing users and orgs to avoid related problems with permissions.

Hi Oleg – That seemed to fix my upload problem. Perhaps I didn not name the things properly.

HOWEVER, I still cannot in the Blue interface see any users when I click on “manage users.”

A few weeks ago, I could not see the second page of “manage users.” I did put in a report on this, about which you instructed Ethan to put in a bug report. Now the cynde account sees no users in “manage users.”

Last week, when this was the case, I tried to instead create a new user in Keycloak, which did not work and seemed to mess with my account in some way. This user is Jesse Dyer.

In the blue interface, “create a new user” page comes up, but I get an error when trying to create the user.

eaasi-frontend-error-report.gz (1.9 KB)

also, the cynde account was not created in Keycloak, I created it long ago as one of the first users of AusEaaSI.

@Cynde_Moya, I have found the root cause why you can’t see any users. The organization’s ID is case-sensitive and it had a wrong case in your user tokens. This resulted in queries against a non-existent organization (upper vs. lower cased) and an error shown in the UI. It has been fixed in Keycloak now and you should be able to manage users again.

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