Can't save/publish content to Node

Deployment: Hosted
EaaSI Version: 2021.07
Browser: Chrome 91.0.4472.114

Description: I can’t save or publish uploaded content to my node, so my peers can’t see the content or emulate. Screenshot attached.

I can reproduce it. Each piece of content has “save” or “publish” to node greyed out. I thought those would not be greyed out and I’d be able to save them to my node. Further, for some reason, I was designated a configuration user instead of an Admin, which I once was.

Urgency: It’s very urgent because my team members need to finish their testing protocols.

@monique_lassere apologies for the delay in responding and any confusion on this point - at the moment it is a Known Issues with the EaaSI Hosted Service that Content and Software resources are not shareable/publishable even between users at the same organization, and that all such resources are “Private” only.

The work-around for Software resources is usually that Software can be installed/saved into Environments and then published and shared that way, but I recognize that the current problems with the Software archive (e.g. not being able to delete private Software resources) might make that unideal. Otherwise, I’m afraid redundant uploading of resources, or temporarily sharing a login, is necessary if individual users want to try the exact same tests.

The current, ongoing rework on association between users and resources that I mentioned in the Network call on Tuesday is intended to enable a proper sharing flow from individual user → organization/node (including specified guest users if desired) → published to the entire Network (all orgs). I believe that work is essentially finished but OpenSLX are testing the necessary data migration paths and have also been trying to balance that with responding/checking that new work against the bug reports that have come in the past few weeks. I’ll update everyone with concrete dates and details on maintenance and upgrading the hosted nodes as soon as I can.

(Lastly - sorry, did you mean that at some point you logged in and had been demoted to a Configuration User, but were able to promote yourself back to an Admin? That’s not expected and I should split that into a separate ticket if so)

Oh, shoot, I’m so sorry for not checking the Known Issues page! That makes sense re: the work around and I will try that later today.

Thank you for the update and my apologies again for missing that.

Yes, I did mean that at some point I logged in (the last time) and saw that I was a Config User and not an Admin. I thought I was an Admin before. However, I was able to promote myself to Admin upon seeing that I was a Config user. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you!!

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No problem, Monique!

And hmm, thanks for more info on the user role glitch: I’m making a note to keep an eye on that in testing and see if I can reproduce. Rather defeats the purpose of being a lower-level permission user if you can just promote yourself :slight_smile:

However, if you truly only had Configuration User privileges, you wouldn’t have even been able to see the “Manage Users” menu, so I suspect you still had Admin privileges and that was some sort of interface bug between assigned user roles and their presentation in the UI. Thanks for letting us know!

Perhaps related? I couldn’t save a Public item to my Node this morning. Screenshot is attached.

@dianne.dietrich the Let’s Encrypt certificate on the hosted service domain seems to have accidentally expired today - I suspect you were still able to log in and trigger a process because of your browser cache but the expired cert caused a problem here; I’ll follow up when that is resolved!