Can't save text to OS Settings metadata fields on the left

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Safari 14.1.1

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I can’t actually save any information to the configuration metadata on the left.

In “I made these changes to OS settings…” I can type into both fields, but when try to click “Add To Environment Metadata”
it says both fields are required and erases what I wrote.

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Happens every time.

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Not urgent.

Hi @hhsu11, thank you for filling this out - it is a known issue with the current EaaSI web interface, including the hosted service, that the OS Settings metadata fields on the Emulation Access interface are non-functional at this time.

The eventual intention is that these fields will be plugged in to the system database and allow better description of resources by letting users record details about them while an emulation session is running. But development on other parts of the web interface jumped ahead of work on the database, so these fields are basically dummy/placeholder text to signal our future intentions for workflows.

We realize this has wound up being confusing, and we may end up removing these fields entirely for a time until they are functional, but for now such a fix is relatively low on the priority list while we address less cosmetic problems.

Thanks Ethan. I guess we can close this bug report.

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