EaaSI Training Module on "Implementing Metadata Standards"

Dear colleagues,

I am excited to release the seventh in our series of Training Module: “Implementing Metadata Standards”! Special thanks to @claireafox for stepping in to co-author this module.

The Training Module series introduces important concepts in emulation and key features of the EaaSI platform. Approximately every three months, a new Training Module connects EaaSI functionality with specific use cases, highlighting a range of implementation scenarios.

We are particularly pleased to release this module in the wake of the SPN Metadata Working Group’s Software Metadata Recommended Format (SMRF) Guide, which provided major inspiration and guidance for how to structure this conversation about the metadata gathered by EaaSI’s student configuration team, and how/where/when/why it goes to use.

During this module, participants will learn about:

  • What kind of metadata does EaaSI (the program of work) gather?
  • What metadata has been directly incorporated into the EaaSI platform?
  • Which standards are influencing EaaSI system design?
  • How does EaaSI share/contribute its metadata to the field?

View and download the training module here: EaaSI Training Module #7: Implementing Metadata Standards | Software Preservation Network (SPN)

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This is so exciting, Ethan and @claireafox! Thank you again for all of the amazing work you, the rest of the EaaSI team and SPN groups do to make this available.