EaaSI Training Module on "Building an EaaSI Network"

Dear colleagues,

The EaaSI team is excited to release the sixth in our series of Training Modules: “Building an EaaSI Network!”

The Training Module series introduces important concepts in emulation and key features of the EaaSI platform. Approximately every three months, a new Training Module connects EaaSI functionality with specific use cases, highlighting a range of implementation scenarios. I am particularly pleased with the timing and relevance of this module, which ties in directly to the recent announcement from our friends in Australia regarding the funding and creation of an “AusEaaSI” network, which is bringing the concept of multiple EaaSI networks into reality. Please feel free to consult this module to get a better sense of EaaSI’s conceptual model (and challenges!) of networking.

During this module, participants will learn about:

  • What are EaaSI “nodes” and how do they relate to each other?
  • What is OAI-PMH?
  • What happens when I “publish” an EaaSI resource?

View and download the training module here: EaaSI Training Module #6: Building an EaaSI Network | Software Preservation Network (SPN)