Node User Administration > Manage Users > page 2 + not visible


I am trying to manage the users in my node,

I can see Records 1-50 of my Node Users
But going to the second page, users 51 - 73, there is nothing there.

I can use the /admin page to look up users, but it is more difficult to manage.


@Cynde_Moya I admit that I don’t think we’ve ever reached that number of users in any one organization in a U.S. node, so this could be a bug with the EaaSI UI.

@oooleg is this something that Dual Lab could take a look at? Display behavior on the Manage Node Users page when there are more than 50 users in one organization?

Yes, it looks like a UI-bug in the pagination code indeed and should be investigated further. I have just verified, that Keycloak correctly returns all registered users via its API.

@ethan.gates, please submit a bug.

If it is any help, I used to be able to see the second page of users, but am unable to see the next page over the last few weeks.

Hi Ethan

Thanks, I will do that now and in the future.


Today, I can see no pages in the Manage Users part of Node User Administration


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