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In the recent report from the Dutch Digital Heritage Network in their case on the Commodore 64 using VICE emulator in EaaSI, the frontend they show has a “Snapshot” function. This “snapshot” apparently saves the state of play of the game being preserved.

I can’t tell the EaaSI version the Dutch Digital Heritage Network is using. I don’t see this option in the EaaS I have been using.

Is the “snapshot” function going to be more widely available in EaaSI when we get our nodes up?

Hello @cyn0matic!

Unfortunately I think this is another case where we have to be clearer about delineating between other branches of the EaaS framework and the EaaSI platform specifically. This got a bit muddled both in this report and our own communications highlighting it.

The “Snapshot” feature allowing to save the state of a running emulation and re-start it from that selected point (rather than re-booting the environment every time you run it) is a feature the OpenSLX team have been researching/developing in the EaaS framework that is not supported in the EaaSI installer/EaaSI platform.

We have discussed support for this feature in the EaaSI platform before but it is not currently on the Phase 2 (now to mid-2022) development roadmap. I am going to move this to our “Feature Request” category, where others can chime in and even vote up their interest in snapshots as well, which will help us gauge need and prioritization.

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