Base environment - starts with a CD-ROM already in the drive (WFWG 3.11 + Microsoft Word 2.0c)

Deployment: Hosted

EaaSI Version: 2021.07

Browser: Firefox 90.0.2 (Mac)

Description: I noticed that when I select WFWG 3.11 + Microsoft Word 2.0c (ea71ebfa-dcc5-413a-881d-ff936f52d513) and I include a Content Resource (which is a CD-ROM ISO), once I get into Windows, a different CD-ROM is actually in the drive instead. I can get mine loaded by using the “Change Resource Media” option, selecting to change it to empty and then using the “Change Resource Media” option again, and selecting my CD-ROM. But I was wondering – is this the preferred behavior for this environment?

Urgency: This isn’t urgent.