Problems with Change Resource Media

Deployment: hosted
EaaSI Version: 2021.07
Browser: firefox on linux

Description: I am trying to install software from five floppy disk images on a Windows v3.1 base. I have uploaded the disk images (object ID: 7a5ad3d6-6d03-4181-89d8-60cf33eef3cd) but I’m not able to complete the install because the “change media” menu doesn’t actually change the media: I can see all the disks listed but the contents for disks 2 though 5 isn’t loaded when I select them.

I am using the " WFWG 3.11 + Microsoft Word 2.0c" base environment.

I’ve also had a hard time finding my new environments after I save them.

Urgency: Hoping to demo this for Digital preservation day next week (nov 3).

@ethan.gates , any chance there’s a solution that will allow me to demo this next week? Thanks!