Selecting save "revision" hides Public Environments in demo-ui

Deployment: Yale locally-deployed node (presemu02)
EaaSI Version: 2019.11, demo UI
Browser: Firefox 97.0

Description: When saving a “Revision” of a Public Environment, a new Environment/layer appears as a Private Environment (expected), but the Public Environment also disappears from the Environment list (unexpected).

Starting with “Mac OS 7.5 + KidPix Studio Deluxe 1.0” (70ffc788-6077-4b27-86bb-06a74e7946b8), a Public Environment, I ran a session and edited the Monitor settings in MacOS (changed to B&W). Then shut down the operating system and clicked Save Environment in the side menu, then selected “Revision” in the Save Environment modal.

Automatically returned to the Environment list, “Mac OS 7.5 + KidPix Studio Deluxe 1.0” (e6460c86-20c8-4180-9526-e185aa44b33e) with B&W monitor settings is available as Private environment, but the original published version (with “normal”, color monitor settings) is not listed under Public environments:

Expected behavior is that saving “Revision” on a Public Environment should have the same behavior as selecting “New Environment” (new Private Environment is generated with the same name as the starting Public Environment but the starting Public Environment also remains Public and visible, unaltererd)

Needs investigation as to whether this is only a matter of presentation (“revision” logic has hidden the Public Environment from sight) or if the Public environment layer has actually been removed or altered.

(all other folks, especially those using the hosted service and EaaSI UI, please note that we do not have any evidence so far that this same behavior affects your nodes, but please add more info to this ticket if you see/experience otherwise)

Urgency: Necessary to help refine Yale’s student configuration workflows and general EaaSI documentation for publishing Environments, but not actively blocking any work at this time

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